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Welcome to Crimson & Clover! We are a supernatural beings and humans with abilities site set currently set in Winter of 2017. Please join with a member account, then with the first, middle, and last name of your character in proper capitalization. Example: Edgar Allan Poe. For more information about our plot, please check it out here.

Now celebrating 8 months! Please join with a member account, then the first, middle, and last of your charrie with proper capitalization.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Aaron Wesley Pryce Lust 2-July 17 65
Adam Hans Schmidt Members 21-March 18 1
Adrian Rafael Duran Shifter 14-February 18 5
Alexander Balder Nordman Lust 2-July 17 58
Alistair Oisin Clemens Abilities 19-September 17 69
Ash Members 21-February 18 0
Brian George Wesson Abilities 2-July 17 28
Calypso Fae Brennan Fae 28-January 18 5
Camille Agatha Franklin Normal 1-November 17 23
Cassandra Alison Marlowe Magic 21-February 18 24
Charlotte Elisa McIntyre Other 28-December 17 11
Clara Natalie Owens Abilities 2-July 17 30
Dallas Zane Wesson Magic 2-July 17 52
Daniel Kade Bran Hell 2-July 17 42
Elijah Gil Grey Hybrid 5-November 17 20
Ezekiel Nathaniel Kane Heaven 30-October 17 24
Felix Tim Bran Shifter 2-July 17 32
Genesis Rose Reed Blood 6-February 18 2
Haneul Kyu Bran Shifter 2-July 17 53
Iris Rainy Fields Magic 3-July 17 14
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