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 Posted: Jul 13 2017, 08:58 PM
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According to the site plot, the world changed drastically 50 years ago. How does the world the site is set in differ from the real world?

When the vaccine began to wipe out humans back in 1967, the planet was left a disastrous mess. For a good ten years or so, cleanup had to happen, and the way the world is set up now slowly came into effect. This means for those first ten years, a lot of movies, TV shows, and history would be far different from what actually happened in the real world. However, some stuff could be the same, just technically delayed. A movie that might have come out in the 60s in the real world might have come out in the 80s instead. We're not going to be too picky about this. As for the lay of the land, most people live in cities, although a few may live in remote areas. Sometimes those areas are less safe, but they usually deal with transportation of goods since there has to be stopping points along the way before the cities are reached. People also live on the land surrounding the city since those are the people who help grow crops and raise cattle for consumption.

Anything prior to the release of the vaccine would be exactly how our world was, just the supernatural lived in that world too. They stayed hidden, and now they don't have to. Modern technology would still be up to date, as well.

How is a Normal different from a typical human being?

For the most part, they're not really that different. They basically had the potential to be a supernatural being - usually a human with an ability - and it skipped them. Sometimes a power passed down through the family can skip a generation, or other humans have the potential to develop a power, but it just never happens. This usually applies to humans who originate from a shifter family and they were born human. They got the short end of the stick, more or less. Any human without some kind of connection to the supernatural would have died when the vaccine was released.

Can a mortal become another type of supernatural creature?

In some instances, yes. The species are limited though. Either they would have to be turned by a vampire, or risk their life saving someone they love and become a cupid.

I want to play a creature that is not part of the member groups. Can I play it?

Most likely, yes. We have an Other category that allows for supernatural creatures that do not fit into our regular member groups. However, we still ask that an admin be contacted since that person would be responsible for the lore surrounding that particular species. It also can't violate the non-playable types.

Do I have to use a posting template?

No, you do not. The only required templates are for claims or specific areas that provide one. You are more than welcome to use one if it does not stretch over the board. For the most part, most people will be posting without one, and adding a GIF.

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