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 The Bran Pack, a raven shifter family pack
Haneul Kyu Bran
 Posted: Jan 22 2018, 08:11 PM
Haneul Kyu Bran
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Bran Pack
Haneul Bran
Alpha Shifter.
Daniel Henney.

From an early age, Han felt like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. His father an alpha, and his mother a beta, he knew the position would one day pass to him according to the stories they told him. Due to his cultural background, and the family pack rules, Han had to be the best at everything. Failure was not acceptable by any means. However, this didn't always remain true, as he would grow to disappoint his pareints many times. In the end, he learned nothing would ever please them.

Later in life, Han's father passed the alpha ability onto him, though they made their disapproval of his job as a detective well known. They didn't seem to care that he became a detective to try and avenge his brother-in-laws death. Even his love life suffered because his parents disapproved of the fact he liked both men and women, so why they passed the alpha abilities onto him is beyond him. Either way, he always does what is expected of him, even when it feels like it will never be good enough. Han can be rough around the edges, and is quite difficult to read at times, but he is loyal to a tee.

Cordelia Bran
Beta Shifter.
Kristin Kreuk.

Cordelia had it nearly as rough as her brother growing up, but for quite different reasons. Her mother taught her to be what a man expected of her. Cooking, cleaning, and playing the dutiful wife. Cordelia did not want to fit that role, even though she was told she would one day take on the responsibilities of a beta, like what her mother was at the time. She saw how much her parents pressured Han to be his best, and in response, she rebelled a bit.

When Cordelia got older, she ended up dating her brother's best friend, Gabe, much to her parents' disapproval. Eventually the two married, Cordelia even mating with Gabe. Unfortunately, the marriage was short lived. Gabe was murdered, and due to her mate suddenly being taken away, Cordelia snapped. She practically lost her mind, and for an entire year, she had to be institutionalized.

Even being institutionalized, despite not being her fault, was met with disappointment by her parents. It tarnished their family name. Regardless, the family believed she was only able to get better due to how short the marriage and that they had not been mated for very long. They never once believed it could have anything to do with Cordelia being strong. In the end, Cordy became a detective like her brother, also wanting to avenge her husband's death. Once she was better, her mother finally passed on the beta powers to her.

NOTE: Because Cordelia mated and he died, she can never mate again. Shifters only get one mate in their lifetime. However, she can still date and obviously be with another person.

Leila Bran
Free Spirit.
Arden Cho.

Despite all the responsibility her two elder siblings dealt with, Leila was always the free spirit. She disobeyed her parents' every word. If they said sit down, she stood up. If they said to walk, she ran. If they wanted her to slow down, she sped up. She was the type of child to clench her teeth together when her parents told her to eat up or she'd go to bed hungry. Many times she went to bed hungry, and no matter how much her stomach ached for food, it never swayed her from doing it again in the future. Leila became the ultimate disappointment to her family, and despite that little fact, she never cared one bit. That was the difference between her and her other siblings. She had no desire to make her parents proud because she wanted to do her own thing.

As an adult, Leila is definitely a free spirit, and much to her parents' dismay, a lesbian. They completely disapprove, but it's a good thing she doesn't care and has actually dated several women, although she uses the word 'dated' quite loosely. Leila is the type of person to hop from one job to the next, to enjoy talking to new people, and just enjoy life to the fullest.

Felix Bran
Web Design.
Osric Chau.

The youngest and baby of the family, Felix was always doted upon as a child. For quite some time, Han was slightly envious of just how little responsibilities his brother had growing up. Of course, this all changed with age when their parents expected him to be successful. They wanted him to go to school, to have a proper education and make something of himself. During this time, that's when he met Daniel McNeill. Little did Felix's parents know, but he was gay, and eventually fell in love with the man. Despite his parents' disapproval, Felix married him.

Unlike his older siblings, Felix wasn't frowned upon as much by his parents. They didn't approve of some of his life choices, but it was hard to hate someone like Danny. Despite being a demon, he was kind and patient, and also owned a restaurant passed onto him by his mother. Something about their son being with a successful individual lessened the blow a bit.

Daniel Bran
Keahu Kahuanui.

Although a demon, Danny is quite sweet and has a pleasant demeanor. Being raised by a single mother, Danny learned to respect women. He saw how hard she worked to keep food on the table for him and his sister. When he was only four years old, his father shoved him down the stairs, causing him to crack his head open and hit it on the way down several times. There was slight damage, which meant Danny sometimes acted as if he wasn't all there, but it also kept his powers mostly dormant.

Danny worked hard, and even went to college. He wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, but he did meet his future husband there. Eventually he gave up on college though once his mother figured out he knew how to cook Hawaiian cuisine better than the chef at her restaurant and hired him. Once he proved his worth, she gave him more responsibilities, and how he owns the restaurant Mau Loa Manuahi. He's also happily married to his husband.

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