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 Police Chief, Father to Dallas & Brian Wesson
Dallas Zane Wesson
 Posted: Jan 22 2018, 08:25 PM
Dallas Zane Wesson
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Police Chief
Ellis Wesson
Human w/Abilities.
Police Chief.
Linden Ashby.
Classified Ad

The Police Chief definitely has an interesting past. Originally from Minnesota, he was just a normal cop there. He married a woman named Peggy who was a nurse at the local hospital. He won her over by telling her he should have ducked. Of course, his injuries weren't to be worried about, as his wife dealt with cancer twice. Although they both wanted kids, Peggy's system was shot. The couple decided to adopt twin boys by the names of Dallas and Brian.

When the boys were teenagers, their mother died. They were all devastated, and things changed drastically. By the time the boys wanted to go to college, they chose Beacon Ridge. Ellis never wanted to leave his sons behind, so he discovered an ad for a sheriff position in the city and decided to apply. Ellis moved to the city shortly after his boys. Due to being a fair and just man, he eventually ran for Police Chief and won the position. He tries to stick to the books as much as possible, and it always upsets him when he has to address the public about a police shooting. It's never easy for him to lose one of the cops on his team either.

NOTE: This is a wanted ad for Brian and Dallas Wesson. Please read both of their applications before taking this character. If there are any questions about background, then Tina and Sara can be contacted for further information. The ability for this character is up to the player, though possibly a bulletproof power could be handy. You can find the applications for his sons here and here.

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