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Welcome to Crimson & Clover! We are a supernatural beings and humans with abilities site set currently set in Winter of 2017. Please join with a member account, then with the first, middle, and last name of your character in proper capitalization. Example: Edgar Allan Poe. For more information about our plot, please check it out here.

Now celebrating 8 months! Please join with a member account, then the first, middle, and last of your charrie with proper capitalization.

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 Posted: Jun 29 2017, 12:05 AM
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MATURE Crimson & Clover is a premium site. Adult content like violence, sex, and swearing is generally allowed. Since the site is mature, all members must be 18+. We do ask that any mature threads be labeled with [M] for safety.

REGISTRATION Every member is to first join with an OOC account. No exceptions. For character accounts, we ask that members join with the first, middle, and last name with proper capitalization. For example: Edgar Allan Poe.

APPLICATION Before you join, please make sure to read all the mandatory topics. Rules, member groups, etc. You will have ONE WEEK to complete the app. Extensions will be allowed for those who ask for one from an admin.

FACE CLAIM We ask that no PBs under the age of 16 be used. Actors, models, musicians, and other famous people who are currently alive can be used for PBs. Out of respect, we won't allow any PB to be used that is deceased. We also ask that people try to avoid whitewashing. If your character is of a certain ethnicity or background, then please find a PB that is suitable.

ACTIVITY Members are allowed to have multiple characters, but we ask that people who do not plan to post frequently, do not make too many characters. We prefer that everyone post at least once a week per character, and any character without an rp post after one month will be archived. Obviously exceptions can be made because of real life issues.

ABSENCES If you are going to be away for a period of time longer than normal, please post an absence and give a general idea as to when you might be back. This is common courtesy to anyone you might be posting with.

WORD COUNT We don't require a limit for posts, but make sure to give your posting partner enough to work with. We also don't like one-liners, aside from text messages or instant messaging.

GRAPHICS All avatars are 250x400. Please make sure they fit accordingly. Many resource sites have premades, and Google allows people to search by image size. GIFs automatically resize in the mini profile, and we do not allow signatures.

TEMPLATES The only require templates are for claims, classifieds, etc. We do ask that you use a template for wanted ads, though you can find a premade somewhere. We do not use templates for posting, though if you do choose to use one, we ask that you use one that does not overlap or stretch our board.

CBOX Please keep the cbox fairly clean. Although the site is mature, potential members may be turned away by swearing or disturbing conversations. Please keep drama out of the cbox too.

SENSITIVE TOPICS For the most part, we do allow sensitive topics. This can include mental disorders, disabilities, certain trigger warnings, etc. We do ask that people be courteous, and that people do their research if they know nothing about a certain topic.

HAVE FUN Most importantly, we want everyone to have fun!

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